2H Home & Outdoors

Quality handmade goods for life at home and in the outdoors



Our items are not mass-produced. Everything we offer is made by hand and many of our items are one-of-a-kind.

In our wood shop, Zack handcrafts each piece of wood, from sketching, cutting and sanding to oiling and sealing.

Our cutting boards and kitchen utensils are crafted from kiln-dried wood to remove moisture and any lingering insects.

This is an extremely important step in the woodworking process, especially when crafting cutting boards. Kiln-drying significantly reduces the chance the board will warp or crack long-term.



We source wood from contacts who regularly remove fallen or dead trees that would otherwise be burnt or left to rot. 

That's the first step in our commitment to sustainability.

When designing, Zack considers the natural shape and grain of the wood to create the best possible product while reducing scrap.

But scrap is inevitable. Scraps leftover from big projects are salvaged for rolling pins, honey dippers, coffee scoops, wine stoppers and more.

We try to minimize waste whenever we can.



Our creations fall under the design standard of "modern rustic," though we often experiment with new styles to stir our creative juices. Modern rustic includes both edgy industrial and softer farmhouse influences.

We aim for clean and simple designs that are also attractive and functional. 

Of the two of us, Zack leans more toward rustic details like live edge wood and lots of greenery (he's an avid gardener). 

I harbor a fierce love of color from textiles to pottery, though I also adore Dorothea Lange's classic black and white images. As you might've guessed, I'm the resident photographer and webmaster.