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We're Back to Work!

Jayme RutledgeComment

After a very, very long year dominated by my pregnancy and the birth of our son Holt, we are BACK! 

I was so sick throughout my pregnancy that I was forced to take some time off from our business. After Holt was born, it took a few months to get into a routine and create time to update the website and fire up Instagram again. 

Frankly, it's still hard, but worth it! Holt, who's four months old today, is sitting in my lap as I type. He's figured out how to reach out and hit the keyboard. Text is being deleted and browser tabs are flying open everywhere, but I don't mind. He's a happy soul and quite a joy.

Aside from parenting and home improvements (posts about purchasing and fixing up our first home to come later), we're adding new items like crazy, including rolling pins and honey dippers, bottle openers and stoppers, new photography and frames

We have so much wood stacked up it'll take Zack months to use it up. New projects in progress are live edge side tables with turquoise and red hairpin legs and a wine bottle holder. I'm also going through dozens of photos I haven't had a chance to process yet. 

It's going to be a busy summer!