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Art & Soul 2016: Wichita Falls

EventsJayme RutledgeComment
 Our booth at Art & Soul 2016 in Wichita Falls.

It was hot hot HOT this past weekend at Art & Soul 2016 in downtown Wichita Falls. Which is no surprise, really, being late June in Texas! It was a perfect weather for poolside lounging with salt-rimmed margaritas in hand...but alas, we were responsible adults (for the day, anyway). 

The show benefited the downtown development association, which is pushing for more locally-grown businesses and events in downtown Wichita Falls. Zack grew up in the surrounding area, so a lot of friends and family stopped by the booth. A couple of our good friends from Dallas also made the trip, too!

We crammed as much inventory as we could into our cars a la Beverly Hillbillies, but weren't able to bring as much inventory as usual. However, Zack debuted several new cutting boards he's been working on the past month. 

He's partial to creating with live edge wood, but that can create a lot of waste depending on the shape of the board. Instead of chunking those scraps, he cut them into strips and fashioned them into butcher block style cutting boards. A couple of them are end grain cutting boards, which tend to hide cuts and scratches from knives. They're not as hard on blades and won't have to be resurfaced as often. Professional chefs prefer them!   

 Mesquite table with turquoise starburst, top | Black walnut side table with hairpin legs, bottom.

Mesquite table with turquoise starburst, top | Black walnut side table with hairpin legs, bottom.

The awesome people across the street, Alley Cat Vintage, let me come in and soak up some blessed air-conditioning during the day. I was so relieved when the sun finally went down. As you can imagine, climbing into the shower later that night at our hotel was amazing!