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Quick Bedroom Revamp: Fill That Awkward Space at the End of the Bed

DecoratingJayme Rutledge2 Comments
Rustic mesquite table by BandBDecor.com

The foot of the bed can be a wasteland for whatever odd piece of furniture doesn't quite fit anywhere else in the house. Add a mountain of clothes, pillows and throws on top, and instead of intimate and restful, the space radiates stress and mess. 

The customer who commissioned this table had previously parked a pair of threadbare ottomans at the end of this king-sized bed. They were old, outdated, and a magnet for clutter. Their saggy appearance also detracted from the gorgeous mesquite headboard that serves as the bedroom's focal point.

Rustic table in mesquite by BandBDecor.com.

Our customer gave us three requirements: First, to make a piece that she would be proud of and thus feel motivated to keep free of clutter. The table shouldn't take up too much space, but yet complement the mesquite headboard and lamps the couple has collected over the years.

The build breakdown:

  • Top: 60" long, 3" thick mesquite slab
    • Preserved live edge
    • Natural, matte finish
  • Base: 18" tall x 48" long custom steel design
    • Painted oil rubbed bronze
    • Hammered detailing

We have a nearly identical base to the one above. It's 10" taller at 28" high and will eventually be a sofa table. We're probably going to use another lovely slab of mesquite for the top. If all goes well, it'll be one of the new pieces we'll have for the spring shows.

Custom mesquite table by BandBDecor.com

A custom piece built to your specifications adds value that mass produced furniture can't offer. Being surrounded by pieces you love and cherish changes the atmosphere of a home and gives new meaning to the phrase personal space.

At the end of our bed is a trunk Zack built using old wooden bleachers salvaged from his hometown's high school. We've laughed about how many butts must've sat on that wood over the decades. Or at least I laughed. I think Zack was a little disturbed by the mental image.

But joking aside, most of his family watched basketball games and cheered at pep rallies sitting on those bleachers, so it means something to him. And that's what's important.

What do you have at the end of your bed? Share your ideas!