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  • Can you personalize my cutting board and/or serving tray?
    • No. At this time we do not offer personalization. However, we have had customers ask if it's okay to burn their own brands onto our cutting boards and serving trays. The answer is yes! The only substances we use to treat our cutting boards are non-toxic cutting board oil and wax. If you choose to do this, please be safe and take suitable precautions to protect yourself.  
  • What is your definition of handmade?
    • To us, handmade is literally that: Made by hand. We do not use machines to stamp and mass produce our cutting boards. Zack sketches out each cutting board using a variety of hand drawn templates he created and developed over time. That said, when dealing with wood, improvisation is inevitable. Zack carefully considers the natural shape and grain of the wood in order to create the best possible product while reducing scrap. He then cuts, sands and oils the boards himself. The same goes for tabletops, too. Scraps leftover from big projects are salvaged for rolling pins, honey dippers, coffee scoops, etc. We don't like waste.
  • Where do you source your wood?
    • We work with a few different sources who adhere to sustainable practices. Most of the oak you'll see is from my family's land in east Texas. Everything else comes from contacts who regularly remove fallen or dead trees.  
  • What does kiln-dried mean?
    • The term "kiln-dried" refers to wood that's been dried in a wood kiln to remove moisture and any lingering insects. This is an extremely important step in the woodworking process, especially when crafting cutting boards. Kiln drying significantly reduces the chance the board will warp or crack in the long-term. All of our cutting boards are cut from kiln-dried wood.